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Orquesta de Barro

Founded in 2004, the Orquesta de Barro is the most well known of Arpegio’s orchestras. As the project’s oldest orchestra, it showcases Arpegio’s most advanced students from the Nucleos and the Academy, as well as volunteers.

The Orquesta de Barro over time has become an integrative space for its students, currently bringing together 50 youth from different societal backgrounds to perform together at a high musical level. During its 10 years, the OdB has performed over 100 concerts in cities throughout Peru, including Trujillo, Piura, Chimbote and Lima, among others. It also participated in an exchange with the Sinfonieorchester der Droste-Hülshoff-Schule in Germany, giving joint concerts in the Philharmonie Berlin and the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Current and former members of the Orquesta de Barro are now hired professors for Arpegio’s younger students and ensembles. Others play with the Symphonic Orchestra of Trujillo or in Piura, or are pursuing their studies in conservatories outside of Trujillo and abroad, such as in Lima, Brazil and Germany.

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